About Me

Name: Arman Ghazanchyan
Occupation: Software engineer & Web developer [Request My Resume]
Education: Associate in Computer Science
School: Los Angeles Valley College
Address: 5800 Fulton Avenue
Valley Glen, CA 91401

My name is Arman Ghazanchyan. I was born and raised in a beautiful and historic country called Armenia. Graduated my high school in Armenia at the age of 17 and right after graduation, I (by choice) joined and served in the Armenian Army. To protect and serve my country was my motto as I was fighting in the war zone protecting our lands of Nagorno-Karabakh. This experience alone was the foundation of who I became later in life. It taught me how to conduct myself in critical situations by keeping my composure at all times. Having gone through such life trials, it molded me into someone who can make fast but accurate decisions. This experience was truly the turning point of my young life; which shaped my character.

I immigrated to USA in 1998 and decided to continue my education. Logic and analytical thinking is what I enjoy the most. Because of it, the obvious choice of study for me was computer science; which encompasses both of these factors. I have kept 3.5 GPA in all of my classes and constantly found myself on the Dean's list for excellent academic achievements.

Programming is not just putting food on the table; it is something I greatly enjoy. I find satisfaction in solving problems by using logic and analysis. Programming keeps my mind engaged and relieves any tension and stress that I may encounter during a day. I consider myself a very determined individual who will not rest until the job is complete to perfection; a trait that I am very proud of. One may call this a perfection disorder?? .

Besides programming, I enjoy good music, soccer, tennis, hiking, traveling and horses. One of my best moments are programming while listening to absolutely an amazing music; great combination . Fine dining (Chinese and Armenian), and red wine (Napa Valley comes to mind) are other hobbies of mine.

Be well and live well!